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Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery creates “Her Regard”

London goldsmith brings to life the supernatural narrative of her literary hero Tim Powers as an exquisitely crafted gold necklace. London, England - May 2018 - Immediate release

Her Regard is the latest collector’s piece from the London studio and workshop of multiple Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Council Award winning designer / maker Victoria Barker. Created in 18 carat yellow gold and foxglove tourmaline, Her Regard is a fine art jewel inspired by the maker’s favourite novel, “The Stress Of Her Regard,” by internationally acclaimed fantasy writer Tim Powers, the imagination behind Hollywood epics such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

His novel explores the life stories of the British romantic poets, but in a dark twist of story-telling, Powers allows us in on their ‘secret history’. In his pages we discover how Percy Shelley and Lord Byron are captivated by a feminine entity. She is the muse that inspires their greatest work.

Victoria had to ask what would she create if this same presence had a hold upon her? Almost immediately, her mind was overtaken with images of a magnificent necklace; she saw pathways of swirling geometry and bewitching shades of foxglove pink.

Victoria was honoured to show the finished jewel to Powers, who was moved to say: “Thanks so much for making a tangible and gorgeous object from the book!”

This is what master jewellers do - they take the ethereal and make it real, something that can be felt and worn, a treasure that transforms the wearer into a living work of art.

Fifteen tourmalines, perfectly matched for their beguiling colour, remarkable clarity and precisely cut facets each reside in a golden lozenge. Both gemstones and chain links are deliberately tilted at 45 degree angles to evoke the idea of ancient pyramidal sculptures. All of Victoria’s work begins not as a sketch on paper, but by draping gold and gems on a mannequin; in this way, her designs flow effortlessly around the female form.

The innovative clasp allows the wear to artfully adjust the style from choker to extra long, and every length in-between.

Her Regard is part of a limited edition and individually numbered set. Only one exists in yellow gold and tourmaline, and there will never be another. Hallmarked by the London Office of the Goldsmiths’ Company, and carrying Victoria Barker’s unique makers mark, the necklace will be accompanied by its own valuation certification and report by the Goldsmiths’ Company.

Viewing is by appointment, price on application.

Her Regard Necklace in Gold and Foxglove Tourmaline


Her Regard

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