Warranty & Guarantee

International Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery pieces are protected against failure due to defective workmanship or materials throughout their life with the original owner, subject to the following conditions.

Our limited lifetime guarantee provides coverage for defects in manufacturing only (based upon our inspection and sole determination) and defects caused by the following are not covered by this guarantee:

Unauthorised alteration, manipulation or disassembly.

Normal wear, tear and ageing.

Accidents, abusive use or mishandling (impacts, dents, scratches, crushing, shocks, etc.)

Tarnished or oxidised metals.

Theft or Loss.

Pieces acquired from unauthorised dealers.

Repair or maintenance service performed by someone other than Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery will void this warranty.

In order to benefit from this guarantee, you will be required to present your Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery guarantee certificate, duly completed, dated and stamped by an authorised Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery dealer.

In the unlikely event that a repair is required, please email studio@victoriabarker.london before sending the item to discuss the problem and for shipping instructions.

Last Updated May 2018 .

Use and Maintenance Guide
Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery pieces should be handled and maintained like any other piece of fine jewellery or objet d'art. Careful storage, use and maintenance will prolong the finish of the piece and lessen the effects of wear and tear.

Precious metals such as silver and gold are relatively soft materials and subsequently must be treated with particular care.

When not in use, store the your jewellery in its case or any display stand that accompanies it.

Ensure that the jewellery does not rest or rub against any other metallic or hard items.

Where possible, transport your jewellery in the case provided, or if applicable, it’s travel pouch. Alternatively, ensure it is securely wrapped in a soft cloth.

To prevent the build up of oils caused by wearing your jewellery, which could ultimately lead to tarnishing, it is good practice after use to gently polish the piece. Cotton gloves and washable cloth are provided for this purpose. Use the cloth in a circular motion.

Never use any household cleaning compounds, detergents or solvents in an effort to polish or clean your jewellery. The soft cleaning cloth provided is sufficient to maintain its finish.

Do not let your jewellery come in contact with aftershave, perfume or other corrosive liquids as these can cause tarnishing or discolouration to precious metals.

if any dirt or dust is trapped in any part of the jewellery, use a regular photographers ‘Blower Brush’ to remove it.

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All rights reserved 2019 - Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery is the trading style of Diamonds to your Desk Ltd, incorporated in England and Wales No.10349423.

All rights reserved 2019 - Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery is the trading style of Diamonds to your Desk Ltd, incorporated in England and Wales No.10349423.