Future Artefacts

Gold | Platinum | Diamonds

The stunning & luxurious "A Garden Amongst The Flames" is fashioned from three layers of platinum, 22 carat gold and round brilliant diamonds.

This masterpiece jewel is inspired by the poem of the same name written by 12th century poet and philosopher Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi.

Rose Gold | Ruby

The Odyssey necklace orbits the contours of neck with over two hundred of the finest quality freshwater pearls. Each 18ct rose gold link gently rotates so that the necklace moves with the wearer.  Rivers of round brilliant cut rubies flow through dune shaped valleys.

Gold | Onyx

Anuket is the ancient Egyptian deity of the sacred river.  Gifts in her honour such as precious jewels and gold ornaments were thrown into the Nile by her followers as a way of gaining her favour.

White Gold | Sapphire

A fully articulated torque, each sapphire segment is a chain link.

The crossed lines symbolise separate journeys which intertwine to become one story, one journey.

Gold | Citrine

Citrine, sometimes known as Gold Madeira or Spanish topaz is one of the rarest of gem stones because of its yellow lemon colour. In Citrine Fire, we frame this beautiful stone in an 18 carat gold necklace.

Rose Gold | Diamonds

A combination of the round brilliant centre stone and a dual halo of diamonds and side stones combine to create a symphony of light, colour, fire and brilliance.