Future Artefacts

Students of Antiquity tell us that an artefact is an object made or given shape by man, not only prized in its day but something that retains its beauty in a timeless fashion.

The Lotus

Lotus flowers are said to represent female sexual power and fertility as well as birth and rebirth. The ancient Egyptians portrayed the goddess Isis being born from a lotus flower.


Your Halo can be created in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold and your preferred choice of stones, be they diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald.


As the stars circle in their constellations, so do the pearls and gemstones in the luxuriant garden we call our Orbital collection.


Naja Au denotes power, mystery and beauty. The word Naja is taken from the Sanskrit word naga (with a hard "g") meaning "snake". 


The Japanese art of paper folding is re-imagined in Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our first piece is our take on the origami unicorn featured in the move Blade Runner.

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Ring Boxes

A completely unique, personalised ring box. For our rings we wanted something special , a wooden ring box that was a little different to the standard mock leather plastic ring box normally available. Something that did justice to the ring inside! These are handmade in the UK and totally unique.

Engagement ring or wedding ring. Whether it's for popping the question or for one or two wedding rings these hardwood boxes are perfect. The pictures don't really do these wooden ring boxes justice. They're very tactile to hold and feel and the click of the rare earth magnets as they shut, makes a perfect finishing touch.

Woods and velvets. These boxes are available in three different woods: walnut, sycamore and lacewood. Sycamore is a light creamy coloured wood, walnut a dark rich chocolaty brown and lacewood is pinky red in colour with a vibrant fleck figuring. The hinge is made from either sycamore or walnut to contrast with the box. The inside is lined with wine or dark blue velvet.

Personalised. These ring boxes are available personalised with up to three initials, or, of course just left plain. If you'd like something completely different, a full name for example, a date, a signature or even a logo, do give us a call.

Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery

Walnut is so rich, smooth and "chocolatey" - we love it, and these little boxes enhance its qualities really well. Available lined with either a wine or blue velvet

Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery
Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery
Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery

Sycamore is a beautiful,"silky" wood, ideally suited for a ring box. Available lined with either a wine or blue velvet

Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery
Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery
Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery

Lacewood is the only wood we know of which has a different name depending on how it is cut. If it's quarter sawn it's lacewood and if it isn't it's London Plane. It's a beautiful reddish pink wood with a vibrant flecked figuring. Available lined with either a claret or blue velvet.

Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery
Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery