Future Artefacts

Students of Antiquity tell us that an artefact is an object made or given shape by man, not only prized in its day but something that retains its beauty in a timeless fashion.

The Lotus

Lotus flowers are said to represent female sexual power and fertility as well as birth and rebirth. The ancient Egyptians portrayed the goddess Isis being born from a lotus flower.


Your Halo can be created in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold and your preferred choice of stones, be they diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald.


As the stars circle in their constellations, so do the pearls and gemstones in the luxuriant garden we call our Orbital collection.


Naja Au denotes power, mystery and beauty. The word Naja is taken from the Sanskrit word naga (with a hard "g") meaning "snake". 


The Japanese art of paper folding is re-imagined in Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our first piece is our take on the origami unicorn featured in the move Blade Runner.

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Victoria Barker - Benchpeg Awards 2016

This category invited entries to the competition which used either technology or hand craft skills to manufacture and create a high quality finished piece taking into account construction processes.

Judges took into consideration methodology of production, ease of manufacture and how the design would best translate when placed into production.

Victoria submitted a range of 2D CAD designs which the judges looked upon with merit when looking at the deigns of the pieces entered and the consideration given by the designer to production methods.

Victoria says of her inspiration and designs, “The somatic senses are as important to me as the optical. I always begin by exploring how the materials move and feel against the skin. I always want the jewels to feel as though they orbit, flow and cascade around the contours of the body. I often experiment with unexpected and daring ways of presenting gemstones.

I think very carefully about colour palettes. Ongoing themes in my work include planets in orbit and the contours of desert landscapes. I am fascinated by the untamed energy of nature which carves sculptures into the sand and forges gemstones in the heart of volcanoes.

Victoria Barker - Benchpeg Awards 2016

Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council

Victoria Barker wins 3 awards at the 2015 Jewellery Oscars

London - 3rd March 2015

On Monday, 2nd March 2015, Victoria was honoured to receive three awards at the Goldsmiths’ annual Craftsmanship & Design Awards.  

Encompassing both design and finished pieces, the awards recognise the highest standards in traditional silversmithing techniques and modern technologies such as computer aided design and 3D printing.

Victoria won the CAD Presentation Silver Award for her Odyssey necklace, a design in molten red rubies, dusky 18ct rose gold and the finest chocolate pearls.  Odyssey is part of Victoria’s latest collection of stunning and luxurious fine jewellery which explores nature, classical Arabic poetry and mythology.

Speaking about her newly launched self-titled collection Victoria says: “The somatic senses are as important to me as the optical.  I always begin by exploring how the materials move and feel against the skin.  I always want the jewels to feel as though they orbit, flow and cascade around the contours of the body.  I often experiment with unexpected and daring ways of presenting gemstones.  Pearls which are usually known for their gentle sensuality take on a warrior strength in my Orbital cuff.”

Victoria was delighted to receive two commendation awards for her Orbital cuff in the categories of Technical Innovation and Fashion Led Conceptual Jewellery from the Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Council.

“I could not feel more privileged than I do to have received this combination of awards for my Orbital Cuff which combines beauty, engineering and sheer enjoyment for the wearer.”

Fondly known as the Jewellery Oscars, the awards which are sponsored by founding and lead patron The Goldsmiths’ Company and principal patron Cartier are held at the magnificent Goldsmiths’ Hall in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, more commonly known as the Goldsmiths' Company, is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and received its first royal charter in 1327.

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Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council

Gold Award Winner
Goldsmiths' Craftsmanship and Design Awards 2014

London - 4th March 2014

Each year the Goldsmiths’ Company celebrates some of the up-andcoming designers from the UK jewellery industry by offering them the chance to enter the Craftsmanship and Design Awards, a national competition focused solely on new design talent.

The competition culminates in a glamorous award ceremony at Goldsmiths’ Hall – an opportunity for entrants to showcase their work to a host of industry professionals. To celebrate this event, each year Gem-A awards two Diamond Scholarships to the individuals who demonstrate a passion for gems and gem-set jewellery in the designs of their pieces.

This year’s winners, Victoria Barker and Joanna Fronczak-Jabbal, displayed an inventive use of gems in their designs and successfully demonstrated in their personal statements how winning the scholarship would assist in their personal and professional development and benefit their design and craftsmanship skills.

Antoinette Pearl Necklace by Victoria Barker

The intricacy of Victoria’s design impressed the judges, as did the forethought applied to her application. Judges were also extremely impressed with Victoria’s personal statement, which explained how winning the scholarship would be the first step in making the most of her industry contacts and in generating interest in her designs from companies overseas.

It was this focus on the future of her designs and career that made Victoria a strong candidate for the award. Upon the presentation of the award Victoria said: “As someone with a lifelong love of gemstones, coupled with a passion for materials and beauty, the course will bring me another step closer to realizing my designs in precious gems and metals.”

She continued: “I feel that a deeper understanding of diamonds in all their breathtaking glory will lead to a greater confidence in my designs. Victoria Barker of London is a young brand, still finding its feet in many ways, but has always prided itself in its integrity. This applies to our designs, our materials and, most importantly, the way we deal with our clients. Having a chance to take this course can only help improve these key elements.”

Square Mile Magazine | 30 under 30

London - 25th March 2011

30 Under 30 Awards - Victoria Barker

On Friday the 25th of March I attended the Square Mile 30 under 30 talent awards at the Museum of London.  I was extremely pleased and excited to be nominated for the entrepreneurship category and beat over 1000 other applicants as the only designer to make it as a finalist.  

I was both nervous and delighted waiting to collect my award in front of 100's of people.  In addition to the award fantastic goody bags were provided courtesy of the sponsors Square Mile.  It was a night that I will always cherish.